About Me

My passion for photography grew when I was studying photography at school. You can look at a photograph from 20 years ago and see a story behind it, that's what always fascinated me about photography and what made me fall in love with the art. Due to this, I really enjoy documentary style photography and trying to capture 'that moment'.


I am happy to offer any type of Photography services. If you want to add to your modelling portfolio, get some family portraits or have me documenting an event such as a birthday party or graduation, I am ready to do it! I can do quick photoshoots or spend the day getting the perfect shot if needs be.


I enjoy portraiture, whether that's with an artistic approach or straight up head shots. I have fun looking for new locations to try and the process in Photoshop afterwards!

That said, I love documenting an event as it allows me to capture those moments that people really care about.


I am currently based in Wiltshire and Oxfordshire but I am happy to travel anywhere. I am happy to get involved with any type of project or photoshoot so feel free to contact me!

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

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