1. Couples Photoshoot Raffle

    13 Mar 2019
    So as you can see, I’m offering 3 couples a free photoshoot! The post will be on both my Instagram account and Facebook page but you only have to like the post and comment on one of them but if you’d like extra entries, feel free to tag up to…

  2. Trying something new in Photography

    21 Dec 2018
    I feel like it’s important to try new things as often as you can. So when my brother in law, Josh, invited me to a Skatepark, I figured I’d bring my camera along and see if I could get some cool shots with it. I wasn’t entirely sure what to…

  3. Use of Prisms in Photography

    23 Nov 2018
    I first started trying out using prisms in photography about a year ago. I got the idea from a photographer on Instagram, Brandon Woelfel, who would always get some really interesting effects with his photos and I wanted to try and recreate them and then attempt to make them my…

  4. First 1st Birthday Party!

    18 Nov 2018
    Recently, My wife and I have moved into a house near Swindon, away from our old family and friends. Fortunately, one of my friends from work happened to live just up the road where we moved to! My wife, and his wife quickly made friends and we got to meet…

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