First 1st Birthday Party!

Recently, My wife and I have moved into a house near Swindon, away from our old family and friends. Fortunately, one of my friends from work happened to live just up the road where we moved to! My wife, and his wife quickly made friends and we got to meet their cute little baby Alexa. When we first met her, Alexa was crawling but was very close to walking, She was obsessed with mobile phones and loved nothing more than to just dance along to songs like any baby does.

We had the pleasure of baby sitting Alexa for a couple of hours one day and whilst that put us off having our own children for a short while(!), we loved the experience and enjoyed taking Alexa out for a walk and keeping her entertained whilst her parents were at work and sleeping off a night shift. 

Shortly after this, we were having a few drinks when we were invited to Alexa’s first birthday! Previous to this, I’d only really shared my enthusiasm about photography with family and close friends but after having a couple of drinks down me, I suggested that I bring my camera and take a few photos of the day for them. I don’t know why I’ve never really shared my photography with anyone, except random people on Instagram, but their reaction was positive to the idea so I was happy.

When we arrived to the party, we met our friends’ families and enjoyed a nice afternoon with everyone and watched as she was enjoying the presents bought for her. The food looked great and everybody was having a nice time. I managed to get a few photos that I liked and everything was going well until someone mentioned grouped family photos outside - something I’d never done before and was honestly hoping wouldn’t come up! Not only did I feel that my lens wasn’t wide enough, but I didn’t feel that I was qualified to do a good enough job for everyone, I didn’t want to give out any bad photos or miss anybody out because the photo that they were in didn’t turn out well. This was the first time I’d done any photography where I felt like there was a little bit of pressure on me, but I think it all turned out well in the end! Anyways, here are a few photos from the day to enjoy.

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