Trying something new in Photography

I feel like it’s important to try new things as often as you can. So when my brother in law, Josh, invited me to a Skatepark, I figured I’d bring my camera along and see if I could get some cool shots with it. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but I remember seeing some cool shots when I was younger and thought that I’d be able to recreate something similar to what I had seen before! In my head, I imagined capturing an epic moment such as this,

© Stuart Bennett

What I found was that there were a few things that I was lacking to get an image like that. Most importantly, what I needed was, (sorry Josh) a great skateboarder. To be able to get some awesome shots of someone doing some cool tricks or getting great air, you need someone that can pull off those tricks or get that airtime. Secondly, the lighting in the Skatepark wasn’t ideal, so it made it hard to focus in on the action or to get a good, clean image. I was, however, able to get some cool portrait shots which I think turned out really well.

After turning up a second time, I was able to get some cool shots of Josh on one of the ramps and some of the other people attending the skatepark. One guy in particular was trying to land a trick on a scooter where he was going up a ramp and doing a backflip, I feel that some of the photos caught of him doing that could have been much better, but still look cool regardless!

After all of this, I can definitely recommend trying something new, especially in regards to photography. Not only did I have fun taking these photos but I was also trying out new techniques that I hadn’t really used before. I enjoyed the experience and will definitely try and explore new aspects of photography in the future!


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