Use of Prisms in Photography

I first started trying out using prisms in photography about a year ago. I got the idea from a photographer on Instagram, Brandon Woelfel, who would always get some really interesting effects with his photos and I wanted to try and recreate them and then attempt to make them my own.  At first, I couldn’t really get the effects I was looking for and I found it quite hard to get a good composition whilst placing the prism in front of the lens but as I played around some more, I felt that I was starting to get some good effects from it.

I found it interesting how using fairy lights really gave off an interesting effect with the prism, as somebody commented after looking through my work, it looks like I’m using a really slow shutter speed to get that effect with the fairy lights, whereas it was actually just the use of a prism.

Playing around some more, and we finally got an effect that I thought was really cool and something that hadn’t occurred that evening so far - it produced a ghostly reflection which I’d previously thought had been Photoshopped into other people’s work!

Following on from that, I decided to have another go with the prism but
in daylight. I only really have the one photo which I felt came out okay
which would suggest that it works a lot better at night, or I just need
to go out some more and practice with it!

Favourite night time photo using a prism

Daylight Prism use

Prisms are definitely fun to play with and I will need to experiment with the use of them some more, hopefully I can make some more awesome photos with one in the future! Have you ever had your photo taken whilst one was being used? Do you even like the effects? Let me know what you think and whether or not you’d like to try it out!

An example from Brandon Woelfel’s Portfolio

Check out Brandon Woelfel’s portfolio and enjoy a lot of awesome portraiture!

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